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I was tagged by JokerinaQuinn.

1. Name: peanut boiton

2. Height/Weight: 5 foot 3 inches and around 120 something lbs

3. Age: porpskillion

4. Birthday:  January 14.

5. Best Friend: my cousin and quinnboi

6. Crush: none

7. How many times have you been dumped: none

8.  Worst injury you've ever suffered: I fell down an escalator and got a long cut on my arm and three cuts on my ankles like a demon scratch in every horror movie ever.

9. Longest time in a relationship: besides my older bro, my cousin since like 2008.

10. Last Text Message:  (to my cousin) “pr0mise you won't send that doggo

because I just had like two dreams”

11. Hobbies?: drawing, watching YouTube.

12. Eye color: brown.

13. Hair Color: brown.

14. Things I get addicted to: pocky and any Asian food.

15. Favorite food: ravioli ravioli

16. Race: hispanic murican

17. Things I do to piss people off: *someone stubs their toe* “it's okay”.

18. Favourite song: Try This by Pegboard Nerds and Hyperdontia by GHOST.

19. Favorite Sport: swimmin

20. Favorite animal: bunnies

21. One thing I wish I had: a bunny

22. One thing I hate about myself: I can be a jerk and then I can't stop feeling guilty

23. Turn ons: wat

24. Turn Offs: people who think they're hot stuff but they're actually really douchey

25. Relationship status: currently in a love/hate relationship with SCP: Containment Breach.

jk I just really like that game but I'm a weenie

26. Describe yourself in 17 words: easily disturbed meme, bunny, parrot lover who likes the story of games but doesn't always play them.

27. One thing I like about myself: I'm not like “purplepai my senguy”.

28. First Kiss: none

29. Middle Name: mei

30. Worst day of my life: uh 

31. Best day: the second time I went to schlitterbahn

32. Favorite Superhero: pepsiman

33. Favorite Villain: I don't know if Agent Ulgrin from SCP: Containment Breach counts but yeah.

34. One thing I hate about myself: I feel guilty way too easily

35. Worst habit: I bite the inside of my mouth because i have no idea.

36. Star Sign: I dunno I forgot

37. Nicknames: taiwanese blueberry, brotha toot, mr. munch, all by my cousin, and killer by jokerinaquinn.

38. Things I'm jealous of: yO PEOPLE WHO LIKE SCHOOL I wish I could like it

39. Most embarrassing moment: I was singing a made up edgey fnaf song in the shower and my brother banged on the door like “DOOD ITS REALLY LATE YOU NEED TO GET OUT” because it was like three in the morning. I literally curled into a ball.

40. Favourite subject: anatomy

41. The game you bought recently: undertale I bought with money, I download scp containment breach this week because it's free.

42. One thing friends find annoying about me: I will not stop saying I love you. I don't know why I do it excessively.

43. Favorite Star Wars character: I'm not into star wars

44.  Can you cook?: yee

45. Overwatch or TF2: I haven't played overwatch so tf2

46. Indoors or Outdoors?: If its cold outside outdoors

47. Favorite shows: bleach


49. Fun Fact: I wash my hands too much

50. Other: One of my other fears like just happened. It'll go away but at this time it's freaking me out. So, I accidentally clicked too many times when opening my scp folder, so I got into a folder inception. There was a folder inside a folder inside my scp and scp patch folder that had the disturbing as hell pictures for SCP-895 that puts creepy pictures in cameras near it. And I knew this was one of the pictures, BUT I DIDNT EXPECT THE FOLDER TO BE RIGHT THERE.

I could see inside the folder slightly because I have Windows

and there was a f√cking picture of a dead dog.



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Edgy Mcgee
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
ASK IF YOU USE MY ART OR ANYTHING I OWN INCLUDING AUS! I want to know what you're using it for! NEVER use my art for sexual or copying purposes! Ask me if you want it for a video or anything! if you've used it before, or seen someone else use it, TELL ME NOW PLEASE!  

Hello. I like Five Nights at Freddy's and Undertale and Kirby. My FNaF drawings are based on my AU.

I have an oc that does kinda look like flowey

please don't mistake it because it'll make the drawing's premise look very weird


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it's my precious bby though
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